Panamalar smart-IR integration

Well, quite new with, in few hours I got it running on Raspi3, and I successful integrated a Shelly 2.5 via MQTT. I’m satisfied.
Now I’d like to integrate a Panamalar Smart IR, a gateway wifi to IR.
This device is used to emulate IR remote controllers, to control TV, AC and any device controlled by IR. It is Smart-Life compatible.
But I can’t find any information about how to integrate it in the world, or even how to talk MQTT with it.
To be honest, I even didn’t find the producer. Maybe “Panamalar” is a rebrand of some chinese product.
Any hint about it?

Well you can add the tuya/smartlife integration into HA
that will show any lights, humidifier etc you have on the smartlife/tuya but not the IR unfortunately
i have similar at my office to control a HAIER AIR Conditioner, even the aircon doesn’t show
but it does bring all automation’s that i created in the smartlife app as scene’s
so you could trigger those in HA
so try setting up in the smartlife tuya app what you want to do
and trigger it in HA

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Thank you so much. I’ll try to apply your suggestions. I’m quite a beginner with HA and so far I just succeded in installing it on RasPi3 and connect a Shelly 2.5 via MQTT. Step by step…

yes well when you are more adventurous and want to explorer and maybe take on a challenge

plenty of info on that device and others from the Tuya/smartlife
is at

For now small steps is good.