Panasonic CZ-TACG1 Wifi interface for Aircondition

I can see Panasonic makes this product :

Looks pretty cool especially that it can tell power consumption. Has anybody seen an API or somebody that did an integration to HASS for this ?


One more on the list! I’m waiting to have my unit installed!

@Reik unfortunnately no news on this. I tried to sniff the traffic from the app but it’s using HTTPS so i can’t decrypt to intercept the protocol so we need panasonic to open up.

I will install mine tomorrow. Then I can try some reverse engineering too :slight_smile:

@Reik Nice, let me know if you figure something out.

@Reik anything ?

Nothing yet! I send a mail to the address in the manual but did not get an answer yet.

Maybe this guy can help?

@Reik he already did :wink: I did not find this because it’s just been uploaded a month ago, and i can confirm that this works. Thank you for finding this. I compiled his project and gave it a go and it was cool to see it working, one caveat is that it logs you out of the app when using this and the other way around, will have to dig further to figure out if this can be overcome. I’ll talk to dev who implemented this then i think the code has everything that is required to make a custom climate component for HASS which i might try when i have time.

You can finish this? That would be nice :grinning:. My programming skills are quite limited. Arduino, python and some industrial PLC’s plus robots. C# and .Net I have never used. What can I do to support you?

Hello again!

About the logout from the app… One user can only be logged into comfort cloud from one device. I had the same problem when I added my girlfriend’s phone. You need to register a new user to comfort cloud (Homeassistant user) and request access to the heat pump. You as an owner can than allow the access. Then you are able to use several users (devices) at the same time.

I’m looking forward to a custom component :blush:


Did you find some more time for testing?


@Reik I have been on vacation so i have not had a time to look at this, i am quite busy at the moment so i think it may take a while before i have time. The good news is that we have everything we need to make it work. It’s just time that is needed to make a custom component.



Just adding another voice that would appreciate a home assistant component for this! I recently set up our AC units with CZ-TACG1 controllers and would love to be able to integrate them into HA, but I lack the skills to do anything beyond implementing the examples of work provided by others.

I would appreciate a HA-component too. I have 6 aircons with Wifi-dongle in house that I would love to monitor/control from HomeAssistant

any news on this integration project?

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Love to see a update as well

I just installed a few of these aircons, assuming by 2019, someone would have made some integration by now. I’m happy to pay some money to get this happening!

@all check this :

I am using it and it works !

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