Panasonic MirAIe integration

Does anyone know if Panasonic MirAIe devices can be integrated to HA?

The Android app definitely works over MQTT.


If it works with MQTT then yes very likely.

Where is the broker?

If it is in the device the main issue may be getting the login credentials.

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I did a quick packet capture and I see it connect to an MQTT broker on the internet. This makes sense as the app can be used from outside the local network to operate the device.

The connection was secure so I couldn’t see the data… yet

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No integration yet FOR MirAIe from Panasonic… I am using Boardlink and smartir to control via HA

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Hi Thomas

Did you have any luck with decoding the captured packets?
While miraie works fine with GH and alexa, it would have been good to link it up with Siri as well via HA

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Yes, I finally got around to completing it. I have been able to successfully login (using postman) and then connecting via an mqtt client to control the device.

Working on a node-red & mqtt climate solution to bring the data into HA.

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Im also having a Miraie Panasonic AC
Can you let me know if the if you were able to complete the addon and publish it so we could use it with HA

Also could you share a postman doc if available. Do we could also try to build a plugin or integration

Yes, just published a node-red node to handle this.

Check it out and let me know how it goes.

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Hi @milothomas
Thank you for publishing and sharing the node-red node.
I’m trying to set it up but after configuring the node on the node-red the climate.Panasonic ac shows up but it states as unavailable

Also is it possible for you to share the Github page if you have open-sourced the code for the node? So that I could work on a PR to update the user guide
And also could you share with me the postman doc if possible
Also, could you share the mqtt publish and subscriber paths so that I could debug and see what is causing the issue

Once again thanks for sharing

It started working but I’m unable to turn it on. After turning it on from the App it starts working and I’m able to control it afterwords

Glad you got it working.

Here is the GitHub repo if you want to take a look. Its fairly straightforward, the only thing it does over http is login and get the devices added to your account. Everything else is over mqtt.

I was just very excited that I got it working so documenation is lacking. I’ll try and update it this week.

About controlling it from HA, the power button only turns the device off, to turn it on, use one on the buttons on the left of it like the Auto, Cool, Dry, etc.

I’m using a 2020 and 2021 model ac and it seems to be working well. What model is it that you are working with?

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Yeah, it works when I click on any mode. The issue was I was quickly pressing on the option buttons while the ac was still turning off so it was not responding

Can’t we do a direct integration from HACS so it would be easy for the user to setup.
I’m eager to help.

Can’t we do a direct integration from HACS so it would be easy for the user to setup.
I’m eager to help.

Definitely, this was just a proof of concept. I’m not at all familiar with python and JS using node-red was the easiest to get started with for me.

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Okay nice. I’ll also check on it :blush::blush:

Thanks for this!!

I tried installing this node and configuring as mentioned in the documentation. But I get an error “this.trace is not a function” and the node says “Error Connecting”

I am running HA on Home Assistant OS with supervisor and installed Node Red as an add-on. I am new to node red and I am not sure if I am doing something wrong.

Any help is appreciated.

Hey @madtech360, can you try getting the latest version (1.0.6) and let me know if that fixes the error for you?

Thanks a lot! It works now and I can see the climate entity in HA now.

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This work but sometimes it doesn’t

Thanks for this - most appreciated!
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