Panasonic Vierra ST50 how to turn it off?

The tile, clearly shows I can turn it off and on

but when doing an automation.

No option to turn it off?

Use a “Call Service” action type (media_player.turn_off) not a “Device” action type.

Dead easy - thank you!

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Sorry for bumping an old thread.

I got a panasonic that can be turned on by Wake On Lan (very neat)
But the turn off feature thru mediaplayer with in this thread is for a ST50 (mine is a 55DX600) and it isn’t optimal in my eyes. It works but maybe a remote control command can be sent ?

Is there a nicer way to use a toggleswitch or any other custom switch sending a remote command for TV to turn off ?
My chromecast can turn off the TV by the “Turn off TV” command so it can be done(CEC)

What’s not ‘optimal’ about it?

Well, it can be done as long as a device hooked to your TV sends the CEC OFF command.

i have to have two different triggers.

turn off TV i call a service to turn off 55DX600 Series media player.(or click the power icon on the media player card)
turn on TV i use a switch to call Wake On Lan send magic package.
(still rough but i will find a better solution i hope)

It does not change the color state of the switch this way , as in the mediaplayer card does not communicate with the switch card , especially the state(grey/yellow color change).

can that be done im happy with it

The WOL integration has 2 sides:

  • The WOL itself to turn ON
  • A ping to determine whether the device is ON or OFF.

It doesn’t work for you?

Wake On Lan works perfect.

It’s a neater turn off im looking for.

remote.send_command, power ?

Well that’s not IR control. What if someone is standing in front of the IR sender or receiver?

Control over LAN is much more reliable. I’ve spent considerable time removing all IR controllers from my Home Assistant set up.


i now use a switch card.(picture shows two cards , 55DX600 media player and the switch card
short click is WakeOnLan
long click is remote.turn_off (if i do this the media player card is not active and the remote flip switch not working)

this is probably the best way i can do it ?

If you set up the turn_on_action you should be able to use the power button on the media player (above pause/play).

The power button on media has been working all along.

I wanted to be able to use the same button to toggle.
this solution is good enough to use.

thx for helping out

That’s good because I don’t understand this:

The power button should toggle the TV on and off.

When i press the power button to turn mediaplayer off i get the state of 55DX600 mediaplayer as unavailable.

the result of that is controls vanishes. both volume slider and the powerbutton.

maybe because im not using the regular media player card ?

If you are using the mini-media-player card try adding:

toggle_power: false

To the card config.

This uses seperate on/off commands rather than the power toggle command.