Pandora for windows hass

This is probably the best release so far with super fast response time on hass and Pandora added to the mix now i know the Pandora release is based on linux BUT I BEG does anyone know how to get this working on windows ?

I have found and run painobar ( win32 exe) and linked it to pandora ( working by commands ) and added the config to hass , but still no luck .
Is there anyone trying this or gotten it to work ?

I am also not able to get this working on Linux. I have pianobar running, but the card in HASS doesn’t do anything. I can issue commands from the CLI, but HASS shows it is not running.

are you getting any errors in your log file ? Mine is as follows…
16-06-21 20:59:10 homeassistant.components.media_player.pandora: The Pandora component depends on the Pianobar client, which cannot be found. Please install using instructions at

I’m not getting that exact error, but I am getting something similar…

16-06-22 07:21:32 homeassistant.components.media_player.pandora: The pianobar client is not configured to log in. Please create a config file for it as described at

I have created that config file however

Edit: I figured mine out. I had created the config file in the wrong home folder. Since I run HASS in a venv, I needed to create the file in /home/hass/.config/pianobar. I had created it in my own home folder instead. I moved it to the correct location and everything is working now.

What folder in windows is /home/hass?

It isn’t in windows. That’s the folder in Linux. Not sure where it would be in Windows