Panel_iframe opens internal webpage without going outside

It would be great if the panel_iframe would open the webpage itself instead of having the browser to open the webpage.

My router doesn’t allow me to use my external ip address to access a local ip address. I have my own domain name and it points to my external ip address, when I use the outside my network, I can access my pages. But when I’m connected to my network I need to use the internal ip address, because the external ip address would time out.

So now I need to add the following to my config:

    title: 'Mylar'
    icon: 'mdi:book-open-page-variant'
    url: ''
    title: 'Mylar2'
    icon: 'mdi:book-open-page-variant'
    url: 'http://***:8091/'

If HA would load the page itself and display the content on the iframe, I would be able to just use the first config without having to double every webpage.
By doing this we would also allow our users to open just the port for HA for external access on their network but still can access administrative pages like this one but only from within HA

Hello @Bart274,

If I understood correctly you are trying to access some internal pages (from your internal network) via a DNAT on your router from an external network, right?

Pretty much in order words I’m assuming you created a firewall rule on your internet router to redirect all the TCP connections from a given port to your server running HASS correct? And then per consequence, since your are outside of your home network, the iframe configuration does not work because it probably is using an internal IP address which it not published or reachable from the external network.

if my understanding is correct, i would say that the best solution for you will be to create reverse proxy on your webserver. For instance, on my home I’m running HASS on a raspberry pi which I’m using NGINX to reverse proxy the requests for the other internal servers not mapped on the firewall for example.

Take a loot at which might help you to configure it if you need.

On my router I can redirect traffic from certain ports to that same port on a specific ip address OR redirect all traffic to one specific ip address.
I’ve choosen the second option because I only run one server.
The problem is that if I use my external ip address when connected to my local network, I can’t access my server.

Hello @Bart274.

Yes, that would be a problem, however if you use a reverse proxy on your PI for example you will be able to access without any problems.

Take a look on the link I sent you and you should be able to get it work.

Please let me know if you need any help.