Panel iframe with HTTP auth

I’m using Frigate with a few camera’s I have and I made Frigate public using a subdomain. On that subdomain is HTTP authentication active with IP blocking after 2 failed attempts and geo blocking.

Now what i’m trying to do is to create a panel iframe in HA, with the username and password inside the URL, so that it logs in automatically. When I only use the domain in the iframe, without the login details, I do get to a login screen, but only on when I use a webbrowser, this won’t work on the HA app, i’ll get a 401 Authorization required.

The URL i’m using is https://username:[email protected], but then i’m getting a blank page using the HA app and browser.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Does anybody have any idea?

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I just found out that using credentials inside the url is deprecated by browsers. Now my question would be is how to get an HTTP login screen in the HomeAssistant app?

I setup an NGINX reverse proxy for this that works and has HTTPS authentication, works in both the home assistant app and accessing it on any web browser. The credentials are remembered so I rarely have to re-enter them. I use it to access the control panels in zigbee2mqtt and zwavejs2mqtt. It has two levels of auth - one through NGINX and one through the zigbee2mqtt and zwavejs2mqtt programs themselves. I’m not using the HassOS install though and these are all installed as separate docker containers (not addons).

What are you using now to accomplish these things?

This could be your issue as well - you have to use https. My reverse proxy automatically upgrades an http connection to https as well.

Hi, please can you describe how you did this reverse proxy? Thank you.