Panel Mode Questions?

So I’m learning a lot, and I’ve completed a lot of stages to get HA going. I’m so close to having my next stage completed for my 3D Floorplan Panel, but I’m struggling to find the answers in my reading. I’ve got a couple of questions…

Here’s is my current 3D Floorplan. , I’ve got my light groups, some thermometer badges (thanks to smurf12345), and the lights turn on/off in rooms, etc. very cool stuff and I hope to have it running on a fire tablet permanently on the wall soon…

I’d like to add my weather forecast on the same panel like this (this view was cut/paste)…

I get the “card” concept, but how do I overlay onto a large picture in panel mode? It would nice to create the cards and a way to make them “float”, whereby your arrange them graphically to where you want them.

  1. I have Wyze sensors to tell me the garage door is open/closed. I have a Sonoff momentary switch to trigger the door either open/stop/closed. I would like one icon on the panel for my door, that shows whether it’s open/close, and when pressed toggles the state. I can put an icon for either the sensor or the switch, but can’t figure how to tie them together. Tried this…
# Testing for Garage Door control
  - entity: binary_sensor.wyzesense_7791dc8e
    icon: 'mdi:garage-variant'
      left: 29%
      top: 67%
      action: call_service
      service: switch.turn_on
        entity_id: switch.sonoff_10002a657b_1

but naturally it did not work. Still looking for documentation on the syntax for the display of a sensor, but the action to call_service of a switch. Directional assistance is appreciated.

Otherwise, I’m excited where this is headed.