Panels disappeared after updating to 0.85.1

Three of my seven panels have disappeared after updating to 0.85.1.
Today, I installed the Lovelace add-on and now the missing panels show but all sensor data errors with “entity not available” The sensors are reporting via MQTT. Any ideas?

some of your entity id’s might have changed. Check them in Dev Tools.

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I haven’t change anything. All was working great until I did the update.
Can you elaborate?

I didn’t say YOU changed anything! CHECK YOUR ENTITY ID’s!!!

Hi David, Can you please give an example?

No I can’t. All I can say is that HA CHANGED some of the device ID’s in 0.85 - you need to go into dev tools and check the ID’s that are now yellow in Lovelace to see the NEW ID and edit lovelace.You get that yellow error in Lovelace because the ID you want to display is either unavailable or it does not exist anymore… As MQTT still works it’s likely the ID has changed - not by you.

Thanks… I’ll look into it.

check for things like a ‘_2’ on the end of your entity_id’s.

In Dev Tool States?

yep. that show all entities for you and if you scroll down you will hopefully notice a _2 on the end of some…

Thanks Dave… You were spot on! I didn’t catch the added underscore… my previous entity id was - sensor.sb1_temperature and now - sensor.sb_1_temperature. Keith

Yeah… that was a nasty unexpected change!

Glad you got it sorted.

Just a tip - look EVERYWHERE for this changing as they are rigidly checking configs from 0.86 and your HA won’t even start if it finds a group or a customization with an invalid ID… (Even after 0.85 I had some that were not used but I loaded b2 and it blew everything up till I figured it out so it’s much better if you look now)

Thanks David… I have not seen this the +1 year I’ve been using HA… Why do you think this would have been overlooked?

I think it was something to do with a new library they are using… something like that. In my opinion this is one reason it’s critical to not get behing in releases as eventually it catches up with you when you do want to upgrade and then you have to trawl through a mass of breaking changes in different releases… a nightmare. A little pain now

The renaming in 0.85 really wreaked havoc. It impacted all of my mqtt and zwave devices. Can’t say I’m really happy about it.

I had a couple of hangovers in groups and automations I didn’t find before with Lovelace in 0.85… 0.86 actually would not start till I fixed those… I have also gone through all my groups & customize stuff including packages and rooted all that ‘legacy’ stuff out not that it’s no longer needed and Lovelace is the default in 0.86. Anyway, onward & upward.

I found some more presents yesterday. My lovely and talented wife had taken two of my Aeotec wall plugs down with the Christmas lights and put them away prior to my upgrade to 0.85. Needless to say, I had some challenges on my zwave network. After returning those to the network yesterday and doing a heal, I realized that the names were all different than what I had before the upgrade. I still need to validate some groups and automations. I wish there were a way to validate the entities prior to doing the next upgrade.

Great idea about validating entities before doing an update!
This had me really scratching my head since have not experience this before.

Did you try the configuration v]check addon for I never use it as it takes an eternity to run but you can use it to check your config against any version. Just be patient for it to finish and look at it’s log.

Thanks. I’d forgotten that exists. I’m installing it now, and give it a try on the next release.