Paradox MQTT Alarm control panel for 2 partitions

I could not find documentation on how the hass paradox addon for MQTT handels multiple partitions. When setup as per the original instructions it does not work, the lovelace panel only shows “Disarm” without any reaction when clicked.

I found that the MQTT “paradox/alarm/state” and “paradox/alarm/cmnd” published had an extra “/1” at the end for partition 1 and an extra “/2” at the end for partition 2. However, the MQTT alarm panel was not set to subscribe to the extra “/” , and therefore did not receive the MQTT message.

my fix:
for multi partition alarm systems, the configuration,yaml should be changed to contain this:

  - platform: mqtt
    name: “Partition1”
    state_topic: "paradox/alarm/state/1”
    command_topic: "paradox/alarm/cmnd/1”
  - platform: mqtt
    code "1234"
    name: “Partition2”
    state_topic: "paradox/alarm/state/2”
    command_topic: "paradox/alarm/cmnd/2”

The Paradox addon configuration remains the same:

PANEL_CODE: 'code'
MQTT_ADDRESS: 'mqtt://'
MQTT_USERNAME: ''mymqttusername"
MQTT_PASSWORD: ''mymqttpassword"
ALARM_PUBLISH_TOPIC: paradox/alarm/state
ALARM_SUBSCRIBE_TOPIC: paradox/alarm/cmnd
ZONE_PUBLISH_TOPIC: paradox/zone/state
CTRL_PUBLISH_TOPIC: paradox/ctrl/state
CTRL_SUBSCRIBE_TOPIC: paradox/ctrl/cmnd