Parkside smart watering timer integration unsupported with Zigbee2mqtt

Today i bought the Zigbee Smart watering timer.

I hoped that it should work with the Zigbee2mqtt integration but it doesn’t.
It does find the device, but it says "unsupported.
I do use the Zigbee CC2531 unit for all my devices.

Is there a way to add this device via another way to get this integrated?
Or is there already an integration process ongoing and do i just have to wait for the integration to become available? Thanks for helping out.


You probably should have checked the supported device list first | :blue_book: Zigbee2mqtt documentation

Now that you already bought it, you should check
How to support new devices |

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Still in work …


How long will it take to get the device working in zigbee2mqtt or is there no idea yet?
In the meantime i do have the Smart home silvercrest device from the Lidl which i can add to my HA as a second Zigbee device which i have new in a box.
I have to take a look of two Zigbee device are supported in HA and of they will not have a conflict with each other.

Some features are now working with the zigbee2mqtt addon

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Great work…
The support is in the “Edge” version, Right ? - Because I still can’t get it to work in the vanilla version :wink:
I’ll wait to the next plain release :+1:

zigbee2mqtt 1.20 has support, but I can’t set timer (auto off after specific time.) ??

OK, i’m on 1.18.1-1 :wink:

shows up as switch if you can use ZHA integration…but… if you trigger it manually the status in HA wont change.

There seems to be some level of support for it even in DeConz: LIDL PARKSIDE Smart Watering Timer PSBZS A1 · Issue #4958 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub - got one myself today, gonna mess around with it when I get home :slight_smile:


Does anyone solve the issues with freeze protection? When device detects temp less than 5 degrees it requires user to reset alert in app. In ZHA you can’t do it. You just have to pull batteries. Any idea how to deal with it?

Now it is possible with z2m

Do you mean the frost reset? How do you do that in Z2M?

I though my device was defective but i guess the frost lock is the problem.

I am looking at buying this product as I want a Zigbee controlled garden valve. Has an update been done to allow this to work with ZHA without it turning off after 60 seconds?

Hi all,

do have anyone a solution for turing off after 60 seconds ?

Hello, I have integrated my Parkside with Zigbee2mqtt. This means that switching off for 1 minute is no longer a problem. You can leave the valve open until the maximum time. I take over the opening times from Smart Irrigation and it works.
Now I still need the battery display. I read somewhere that it should work with Zigbee2mqtt and the change of a file. If anyone knows more or has this file, I would be very grateful for help.