Partially leave Home Assistant open to the public

I have a camera set up, that’s fine to share publicly because it’s just a birdcam.

The problem is that I’m already using port forwarding for Home Assistant.

Is there a way to leave some of HA exposed, kind of like the demo, or would I need to go into the internals and disable some functionality in order for that to work? Thanks for trying to help.

What port does the cam run on?

What port are you forwarding for HA?

I’m running port 443 locally and globally. I’m using the Android IP Webcam app and integration, and the local IP cam server is on

  1. If your intention is to host your IP cam on 443, you probably need a reverse proxy, something like Caddy. You basically want to route traffic to port 443 to either your existing service or your IP webcam.

  2. If you just want to port forward to it on another port, then just port forward it on another port.

For reverse proxying you either need DNS setup for name based virtual hosting or using subdirectories. Heck, you should probably have DNS setup for HTTPS anyways. And Caddy provisions certificates automatically if you have the DNS set up correctly.

Hmm… I think in this case I might try to make a local server proxy just so they don’t frighten the birds/record extra video, while I can still use all of the controls locally. But that might be kind of confusing to set up.

Uh… what are you trying to achieve anyway? If access to your camera server is unauthenticated and unrestricted, I doubt a proxy is going to be able to restrict that, unless well, its commands are sent to different URLs in which case you can do something like an IP ACL in the proxy. If it doesn’t… well… yeah.

The IP Webcam server is unauthenticated. By “proxy” I mean just coding up some web server, and having its only function to be to download and upload the stream.

Looks like I could create a “public” user, and let all IPs use it: