Particle io


I’ve seen a few posts about integrating with Particle but none really answer my question.

Is anybody successfully using Particle devices (photon, etc) with HA? Specifically with Hassio and if MQTT, native?

I would like to figure out a way to use of my particle devices in addition to being able to control them.

Node-red works well for the latter, but figuring out how to report the status is over my head.

Given the integrations for Arduino and Rpi, you would think someone would have come up with something for Particle.

Any example would be greatly appreciated!


I use the ‘MQTT’ library in Particle’s IDE.

I’m passing MQTT messages bidirectionally between HA and both Particle Photons and Particle Xenons. I’ll be glad to share code, but let’s not do it here. You can message @Bear to reach me in the Particle Community.

Here’s a link to some of my code on GitHub:


Why not do it here? That is what the forum is for.


I had done this quite some time ago now, but I have as of about two years ago cut the blinds over to a basic esp8266 chip with mqtt. I also have my theater lights still on particle photons with curl statements, I can try to pay that code for you if you are interested.


I think it is appropriate to share Particle code via the Particle Community so other Particle developers can benefit and/or chime in to help. Likewise, I think it is appropriate to discuss HA related issues on this site for the same reason.