Passing a datetime to a website url


So i am looking to scrape some data from a website
URL that i am testing is the following:

I am able to to get all the info down except for the date portion

So im playing around by putting the date manually on the form
date=637282080000000000, shows date: 20 June 2020
date=637282944000000000, shows date: 21 June 2020

What date format is that? it doesnt look like epoch
Anyone have any ideas how to convert?

The number ends with 00000000

ADD 8640 seconds of a day
And get the number

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Thanks i got this part,

However im more concern as how to convert any date in to that number
Especially the number 637282 portion

It looks like the number of 1/10th of microseconds since 01/01/01 :face_with_monocle:
As the difference between one day is 864000000000. One day is 86400 seconds.
For bus schedule, it is extremely accurate :slight_smile:

So, in order to calculate, I would use 20/06/2020 as your baseline. It is 637282080000000000 in the really weird format. 20/06/2020 is 1592604000000 in epoch ms. So (637282080000000000 - 1592604000000x10000) is the shift between epoch and that weird time reference.

If you want to get the “bus schedule” for eg 01/07/2020 (July 1st), you convert this to epoch = 1593554400000 x 10000 + shift will give you what is required to get the schedule.


PS: You may want to let them know about ISO 8601 standard. Next time they may use the number of picoseconds since the man walked on the moon.

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Suprising you figure that out
Ill give your calculation a try with a function node

and ill post back