Passing parameters from Google Home voice input to a HA python script - where to start?!

I’m a newcomer to HA and I’d like to explore controlling my music playback using voice control. I have a Google Home, and use Logitech Media Server (Squeezebox). LMS can be controlled using HTTP or its own CLI interface. I currently have Google Home sending playback requests via IFTTT to the HA Squeezebox platform, but if I request a song to be played it will frequently play the wrong version of the song (e.g. a live version, or a cover version by a different artist).
What I want to do is have this type of conversation with Google Home (using DialogFlow I guess?):
Me: “Hey Google, play album track”
GH: “Which album?”
Me: “Aladdin Sane”
GH: “Which track?”
Me: “Panic in Detroit”

I’d like to pass my responses to a HA script which formulates them into an HTTP request and fires it at LMS (I guess using a Python script to do the text manipulation?).

I haven’t explored either Python scripting or DialogFlow yet, although I have managed to integrate the Google Assistant component into my HA setup (I have a project-id, client_id, api_key, etc).

Can anyone tell me whether what I want to do is achievable, and give me a rough outline of how I’d go about it?

I am also looking to achieve something similar. Did you get anywhere with this?

No - I came to the conclusion that it’s not possible at the moment