Passing USB ports to KVM virtual machine

I set up HA on a virtual machine with a Celeron host machine, using KVM Manager. It is running but I’m having trouble with USB devices. I have three sticks plugged into the four available USB ports, and I made them available to HA using Add Hardware > USB Host Device. they are for ZigBee, Z-wave, and X102MQTT, and they are working. But if I try to add another device I get this error:

Is there a limit of three devices that can be attached, and can that be increased? I need to attach bluetooth to the HA virtual machine. Thanks.

Oh that’s interesting. I only have a couple of USB devices plugged in and haven’t hit this problem yet. I was curious so did some research, and it may be the case that you need to an additional “USB Redirector” for each additional USB device.

Here is the reference link, look at the section “Using virt-manager”. Let me know if this works. Best Regards.

Thanks for the reply. I was able to solve the problem by stopping the HA VM, changing the USB Controller 0 type to USB3 from USB2, and starting the VM. Then I was able to add the BT adapter. Examining the XML for USB Controller 0, I see “ports=15” though I hope I won’t ever need so many!

The mini-PC cost about $100 from Amazon, with 2 CPUs, 4gb RAM and 128 gb SSD. Running HA in a virtual machine gives the advantages of HAOS while still being able to access the host. I’m using ubuntu 22.04.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!