Passive BLE Monitor integration (Xiaomi Mijia BLE MiBeacon monitor)

@roberdlv I updated version 0.6.4-beta with code that checks to see if all HCIdump threads have completed before processing received data and starting the next data collection cycle. If HCIdump thread does not complete in 10 seconds, then the component leaves for the next period (in the hope that during this time the HCIdump thread will finish, and it will be possible to process the received data), what will the corresponding HA journal entry be made about.

I doubt that this could lead to the behavior you described, but I’m the same person as everyone, and I can be mistaken.
Try, suddenly it will solve your problem (and indicate the need to look for the reason why the thread does not finish when it should).

great job Magalex!

Do you have any idea how to make things working on HA runing on PC without bluetooth in VirtualBox?
Any option to use ESP32 with bluetooth for that?

Unfortunately, until the support of your sensors in ESPHome is realized, this will not be possible…

At the moment, the only way out for you is to use an external BT-USB dongle and forward it to the virtual machine using usb passthrough feature.

Since I grouped the configuration as you put it above, it seems that there have been no failures, I do not know if it is a coincidence or I solve the problem … now the raspberry pi is at 20% use … and it seems not go up, although I’ll be seeing it

Am I understood correctly, you did not install 0.6.4-beta, and there were enough config changes?
Do you still have the configuration in the form in which it was before? It would be helpful to take a look …

before it was like this, 4 times the same with the MAC data and ENCRYPTED DATA for each one.

Thank you. I will try to find a way to check this situation (not sure yet that this is possible).

I have the LYWSD0MMC but I can’t get the key trying to use the stream app not sure I’m setting it up right

Not having any luck getting key for LYWSD03MMC trying to use stream do I need to setup host first if so what info do I need the ip address of my ESP32 and what domain?

How do you plan to use ESP32?

Here’s another great post about getting keys using Stream.

Using the bluetooth on the esp32 to connect my LYWSD03MMC devices to home assistant

My problem is when I hit HTTPS Sniffing -> CA Install it trys to go to which is not a valid address on my network

Do I need to clear HTTPS MITM Cert Cache

How can you use ESP32 with this integration??

Using ESPHome

Try to Enable sniffing before CA install.

You are not the first person who is trying to connect LYWSD03MMC to Home Assistant using ESP32. Tell me, where did you find information that this is possible? I will go there and leave an angry post there :slight_smile:

My component has nothing to do with platforms running on ESP32 (including ESPHome), and will only work on a host with Home Assistant.
As far as I know, support for LYWSD03MMC is not yet implemented in ESPHome. Here is the corresponding feature request.

Sorry so I’m totally going down the wrong track, So I should uninstall ESPHome? I did install mitemp_bt in custom_components

For custom.mitemp_bt component to work, you need a computer with a bluetooth and Home Assistant installed on it. The component discussed here takes data from the bluetooth interface of the computer on which Home Assistant is installed, it does not need anything else to work.

If for some purpose you need ESPHome integration, then you can leave it in the Home Assistant, it does not intersect with my component.

Until support of your sensor is implemented in ESPHome, you will not be able to connect this sensor to Home Assistant through your ESP32 (see the link that I gave you in a previous post).

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Home Assistant - is a software solution installed on a Linux computer (like Raspberry Pi or many others like laptops, nettops, desktops, etc). The component discussed here works only on this platform (you are on the Home Assistant forum :slight_smile:

ESPHome - it is a software solution installed on embedded (IoT) platforms based on ESP32 or ESP8266 hardware. This is an independent product.

These are different entities. But ESPHome can be connected to the Home Assistant through special plugin module (integration). The ESPHome platform does not have support for LYWSD03MMC yet.

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So I got all the Mac addresses from bluetoothctl and I got a ServiceData Key for one of them but I’m guessing that is not the same as the key I need for your component