Password or Network data reset

Hello, I have a problem. I wanted to set a fixed IP. I guess I did something wrong. now I have no connection with Ubers Betwerk. I have access via HDMI, only I have forgotten my password. I’ve tried a lot but I can’t get in I’m not yet sure how geau the user name is. is there a possibility to change the network data in a file? E.g. to set it back to DHCP. My Android can then access it again because the data is stored there.

The login at the Home Assistant OS console is root with no password

Yes, I also read and got it and then? I am familiar with the cmd from Windows, but not with Linux. So where do I have to go, where is the file with the network data?

It looks like you need the ha network command - see here. I don’t actually use it myself, but I did see that there’s a lot of existing threads on the topic, one of them may have the detailed answer.

good morning. thank you the DNS have a false. I fix it and now evrithing is working. Thank you verrey mutch