Password protected configurator / file editor

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When I started to use Home Assisstant, there was an option to protect the configurator / file editor by a password.
I’m somehow liked this option and it felt secure. Since it can be quite complex (for me), and I would not like others in my household, accidentally changing it.

This password protection suddenly dissapeared, and I can’t find an option for it annymore. I believe it was first mentioned as an option in the configuration section of the configurator / file editor itself.

Anny ideas on this?

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It’s still present in the standalone-version of the configurator. But the add-on had it stripped out because it’s using the authentication from Home Assistant itself. You can’t access it (or at least shouldn’t be able to) without also being authenticated within Home Assistant. Back then when this was not the case, people were annoyed by having to authenticate twice. Hence the move into that direction.

Thanks for the responce!
Well I’m asking this because I’m using Home Assistant also to control the connected devices from my PC, which stays logged in to the admin account to easy controll things when behind the PC. Or whenever making some changes to the configuration.

I also created a seperate user without being able to use the file editor. I’m logged into this user at the several tablets, installed on the walls in my house. So no one would be able to easely change the configuration from this.

But good to know that it’s stripped out, I was afraid that I was overseeing something in my config.

Only sulution I can think of is to make 2 seperate links on my PC then. 1 link which stays logged in at the user account which I use at the tablets, and a seperate link to manually log into the admin account.

Or two browsers.
If you use a to your family not known browser then all other browser are logged in with the standard user.

I don’t know of you can password protected a browser. Maybe you can?

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