Password protected switch or/and view (tab). Child-lock

sorry i missed that github page, i will look into it, also i need to search how to use Google Assistant without Nabu Casa, too much forum posts, but not a clean WIKI

You don’t need to search, just go to the Google Assistant page on It’s all there

Very rude, Sir. Please mind you manners. This is an open source project. Have you given anything back for all the work of others that you are enjoying here? You are free to add any missing parts yourself and provide them to the HA project and its community.


Hi! I’m trying to have the cameras and the alarm control in a separate tab, called “Security”, and i want that tab to be protected with a password. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  • I’ve added an alarm control panel, that controls a dummy alarm system.
  • I’ve added an automation that detects when the state of the alarm system is “arming” and shows the tab, which is, by default, hidden.
    But wait- i can’t do that, there’s no service or anything that says show_tab(security) or something…
    Can you help me create it? Or even better, can you tell me if anyone has already done this in a custom component or something? Thank you very much.

As of today I’m in need of this too so I voted and can only hope this will be implemented.

In my case I only have the switch to measure the power used by the devices behind it. Cerrently I’m just hiding the switch entity to avoid accidently switching it off, but it would be better if I could password protect or at least have an are-you-sure message with a confirm button.

as this topic made clear there are so many use cases for a password protected entity that I can’t imagine this won’t be implemented someday.

Did this ever happen? This thread is the first result that Googling returns on the topic.

Hi guys,

I wanted to open another feature request but I found this topic.
I know that a lovecard card exists, but it is not secured enough for me.

I’d like to prevent my garage door to be accidentaly opened by using a pin protection.
Opening the garage let you go into the whole house, not very safe.

As the alarm panel already implements a pin protection (at low level, I can imagine), could this feature be implemented to any entity with a simple restriction or secure instruction in the yaml configuration?

For example:

  - platform: template
          pin: 1234

That would be great !

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Any updates about this feature? Maybe use the unlock features implemented in android for the companion or maybe just an unencrypted code in the UI.

Just a prevention from the UI side would suffice.

This please…
Also a door which opens access to the whole house.
A pin code or access to androids fingerprint would be a great solution…

+1… 3 years, still not even considered :frowning:

3 years? First post was in November 2016 so we can celebrate the 7th birthday for this request :birthday:

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Still nothing :pensive:

Still nothing in 2024 :frowning:

There is a workaround. You can create a widget to toggle entity or call a service. Widgets can require android authentication (fingerprint, pin). You can then hide control from ha dashboard and control from android home screen.

Thx for the hint.
But I prefer using the HA app rather a widget on home screen.

Hope there will be an native solution.

I’d need this too to protect the switch opening door lock between my house and the street.
It is a security switch just in case someone forgets its key… so it does not have to be used everday, just in case of emergency… pin protect it is imperative…
Hope there will be a solution soon

bumpity bump bump.

With the dash board, I don’t particular want the fridge knocked off by accident

Hi, it would be really cool if we could fix this in 2024. I have a main door which I could open with a switch and the door jumps up a few mm. If I’m not at home and I accidentally open the door the electro motor could not close it again. I really need a PIN or something else to verify the opening process.

Yeah, some additional confirmation mechanisms would be nice. Currently my best idea is to use a template_lock that “covers” the actual switch/input boolean/… and acts as the actual UI control.

However, sadly template locks currently don’t support setting a required code pattern, thus the UI never displays a code input dialog. Which is kinda sad because everything is there, we’d just have to connect the lose ends.

Which is exactly what I did, shameless plug :innocent:, in this PR. After this PR you can set a code (“password”) on a template lock, and check this in your service calls. It is even possible to require a code to unlock the template lock and not require one when locking by using a super sophisticated template for the required code.

The PR did not gain any traction yet, sadly. :cry:


@chammp nice thx.
Looking forward that this PR get’s merged and we can finally lock some of our entities.