Patch instance with fixed sub component

I have made some changes to the “eternalegypt” library that supports the “netgear_lte” component, to fix a few bugs. Now, I need to try that in my current instance that’s on a rpi3.

Where do I find those files to patch for a quick test? I see error messages in the logs refering to the file I need to patch in this path: /usr/local/lib/python3.7/site-packages/eternalegypt/, but I cannot find the “eternalegypt” folder in the “Configurator” file browser.

So, where is it? What am I missing? Probably something about the volumes for the container, but since I don’t (currently) have ssh access to the rpi (i only get connection refused on port 22222), so I can’t really go in and search for it.

Thanks for any assistance.

Pretty sure this is the process: create a " /config/custom_components/eternalegypt" folder and put the files there.

Even if the library itself is only a dependency of the real component?

I tried to add it there and restarted Hassio, but it didn’t change anything…