Patchy ZigBee after restart and power outage


We had a planned power outage so I shut down home assistant which is running on a NUC.

I’m looking for some help as My ZigBee (ZHA) devices are not performing well, especially end devices - more specifically:

  1. Motion sensors (Aquara and Sonoff) are not recording detected/cleared
  2. Presence sensors are getting stuck on detected/cleared (aquara)
  3. Downlights (hue) are working 99% of the time but occasionally a dim/on/off
  4. Blinds are ok
  5. Trafri sockets and repeaters

I have tried the following:
-To pair devices,
-use a new device,
-checked wifi/ZigBee overlap
-Unplug/replug ZigBee radio (sky connect)

I would appreciate any suggestions



How many routers do you have?

I would guess about 30 including lights. Iv included typology below but may not show enough detail from my phone. What did you have in mind?

I’m finding the connection to lights is pretty solid but end devices really hit and miss