Path for installing HA in a portainer docker container

since several months i have installed portainer on my raspberry pi 4 and homeassistant successfully running in a docker container, created by a portainer-stack. For new HA-Version 2022.7.6 i checked my settings in the stack and found different advices for the path.

Short summary at first: What is the correct path do download an install homeassistant - for example a raspberry pi 4 (or 3) 64bit - in a docker stack.

In my stack (successfully deploying and working):

version: '3'
    container_name: homeassistant2022.7.6
    image: homeassistant/raspberrypi4-homeassistant:2022.7.6

vs. the official instruction under official HA-instruction

version: '3'
    container_name: homeassistant
    image: ""

and if i search the docker hub it shows

docker pull homeassistant/home-assistant:2022.7.6

and from github home-assistant core i see:


So i am confused, if i am using the right path, as there sometimes are no quotes, no “-” in the first “homeassistant”, no “” in the path. Even if my stack is working until now, i would like to know the correct way / path…

Any hints?