Paulmann Velora LED Panel Pairing Challenge

Hi there. I bought one of these Paulmann Velora LED Panels (Zigbee Tuneable White) but I’m having a hard time trying to pair the panel with my zigbee network (using a sonoff usb dongle E plus). I can reset the panel into pairing mode (brief breathing light with followed by a sequence of flashing) but neither zigbee2mqtt nor ZHA are picking up the LED panel. I also tried pairing it with an existing HUE bridge, but it’s not picking it up either, so I guess it’s kind of broken?

Did anyone mange to pair one of these?
Are there any quirks I should consider?

Kind regards

Answering my own question: for the lights to enter pairing mode, you need to factory reset the LED using either the paulman Zigbee remote or a power cycle sequence (5x off > 3s, on < 2s)

They can be tricky-enough to pair that somebody wrote a script to do it using a smart switch.

I love these lights - I have nine of them - but I have had a couple where the zigbee controller stopped being willing to pair at all (at least with my Hue hub)…