Payload data to arm alarm (call service)


i’m feeling stupid and lost right now.
I’m trying to configure a timer to switch on and off the alarm at set times on certain days. And I’d like to do that with Node Red as pretty much my first more complex flow.
I’m using the home assistant module and the call service node to achieve that.

But either I’m using the wrong node or I can’t figure out the payload string to send to get what I want.
Can someone help me out here? I read the HA pages, but what I come up with doesnt work.

Nobody with an idea where I’m going wrong?

I don’t have an alarm system. But looking at the service tab in ha, tells me that service (alarm_amr_home) needs a code in the data parameters. So you should put in data something like


The node also pulls this kind of data and should be displayed at the bottom of the configuration as soon as you select the domain and service.

In HA if you go to Developer Tools - Services you can select your alarm_arm_home (if that is what it is called). From here it should show you the required service data. Additionally below it will show other parameters you can set as well.

You can then copy this to Node Red as the data - I have been doing this in a template node first as I find it easier to modify and just leave the data field blank in the service call (it inherits the payload from the template node). But do whatever works best for you!


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That worked, thank you @DeadEnd
(And yes this project was dormant for THAT long, i finally had the time to come back to Node Red. Appreciate it a lot.)