Peephole camera tuya

got my self this peephole camera from aliexpress i was able to see live video in tuya app
i connected tuya app to home assistant but there is no live video anybody help with this?
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Hi Stefanos, I don’t know if you have any other experience with Tuya devices but in general, they are not that popular because in many cases, you have only the possibility to use their ecosystem.

You have to get to know what kind of stream is available from the cam.
The ali page doesn’t reveal much.

Hello nick4 i dont know if the camera has rtsp or no i couldnt
Find anything about it also…
So there is no other way we could receive image in home assistant from this camera?

You could scan for open ports but RTSP doesn’t show.
Wireshark can also reveal things.

Have you tried to access the IP in your browser?

yes i have tried but it doesnt show anythink
so as i understant the live picture is somehow cryptocoded from tuya and we cant receive the image?
could you please give me advice how to find the right ip for the device?
the tuya app just give me some external ip for the device and not my 192.168.x.x range

No, the picture is not ‘cryptocoded’ per definition, it all depends on
a) the possibilities of the device/firmware which protocol is used
b) what the manufacturer has in mind

You should be able to see the IP address in the device that is handing out IP addresses (DHCP server) on your network and typically is your router (could be a all-in-one with your modem) or anything else in your network.

okay i undestant thank you
i can see my device in web interface of my router but beacuse i have smart home with more whan 50 wifi-ethernet devices i cant recognize easy what ip has the peephole camera.
i also tried ip scanner but again same problem i have too much devices in network too recognize what ip my peephole camera get

Is there no connection info in the app or the display?
Do you see any hostnames in your router?
Which IP scanner did you use?
Some have a live option so you can see if a device comes online/goes offline so you know which one it is.
Also, if you disconnect/reconnect the camera by powering it off, you might find it from the connection time.

I would advice you to document/identify your network devices somehow or soon you will not be able to troubleshoot at all.

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There is a connection
I can see some esps what i have and some sonoff but no any hostname for peephole camera
The camera is working good with the tuya so it is connected good
I use angry ip scanner
I use advanced scanner
I also use wireshark but there too much loads on it beacuse of my network
I have vms on my server i have domain in my server i use ubuntu home assistant vpns and much much more
So i really cant enter hostnames for all this stuff what i have
I also tried connect and disconnect but i really cant figure it out
I will upload a photo so you can see camera works with tuya app
But lets say i finally got the ip somehow how i can know if there rtsp or some ports what make streams ?

By using that IP in your browser with the relevant ports.