Peloton support

Would love to see Peloton support.

Perhaps you should give us a couple of sentences on that peloton is? Because neither of your links give me any damn idea!

It’s a really expensive exercise bicycle.

LOL no wonder I didn’t know!!

/me looks around for wine glass and runny cheese.

Good News!

Using the linked API above I was able to scrap something together. The API being used is official but undocumented aside from @geudrik’s documentation (someone please correct me).

My plan is to refactor the code from the peloton-api project directly into the HASS Component, as peloton-api is not published to PyPi, and is already MIT licenced.

For anyone curious about use cases, I am interested in using this to trigger:

  • Lights off
  • Accent lights to blue
  • HVAC to stop cooling and ventilate
  • directed cooling fan on

And reverse when the ride is over.

Quick Edit: I realize the peloton-api project is not just a simple script, and I may look at working with the dev to get it published into PyPi.


@edwork well done, would be very interested in collaborating or helping test, is there somewhere to follow along on your progress?