Pending / Postponed notifications

Hi All,

I’m usually not one to post my stuff, but as I had already created a gist to share with some friends of mine and since I have gotten some really good use out of it I’ll share it here as well! :slight_smile:

I have created a set of snippets (both script and automation) that can be used to send a notification to anyone at home. In case nobody is at home, the notification is stored in a variable and will be sent out again when the first person arrives home.
To me this is incredibly usefull for notifications such as when the laundry machine is done, or when the dust bin of our robot vacuum needs to be emptied.
These would make no sense to get when you are away from home and are often accidentally swiped away before you can get to it.
With this set of scripts we get a reminder when arriving home.

Here’s a link to the gist.
I hope this proves to be usefull to more people here too! :slight_smile:


very cool thanks excactly what i was looking, will have a look into it and try to adapt it for me

Just for bookkeeping purposes, I have updated the gist since the introduction of trigger based template sensors so this whole concept can now work without external components! :slight_smile:

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