Pentair Home Integration for Sump Pump Battery

Looking for a way to pull the Battery information from a Pentair Home Battery Backup System


does anyone have any idea how i’d go about potentially working on a way to integrate this unit?

I just started working on an integration for my salt level sensor that is through Pentair Home. Did you ever make any progress on this?

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Unfortunately it’s out of my ability. Only thing i’ve figured out is the smart battery talks over some radio frequency to a gateway device that sends it to the cloud in aws. Outside of that I don’t think there are any available APIs to access it. As well, the only way I think you could intercept it locally would be through listening perhaps on the radio frequency between the battery and the gateway.

I could potentially help here, but I don’t have the device you do, so you’ll need to add the following and enable debugging to see if the data comes back similar to my salt level sensor.

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hrmm, i tried to login with my pentair creds and it didn’t work. I’m using the “Pentair Home” app, this is the same one right?

it was wrong password…

I got logged in and it showed me my sumppump! But the only entity is last report