Pentair Spa temp entity

I have a pentair screenlogic2 pool controller and it’s setup correctly in HA, my only issue is I’d like to recive a notification when the spa has reached its set temp but I don’t think spa temp or pool temp have entities yet they are displayed on the device page. I looked in “states” and there is no pool or spa temp states, on the air temp.

If I look at the spa heat enitiy I can see the current temp, just not sure how to make that an enitiy?

I created manual sensors to display the temp off the attribute on the heater.

how did you do that? my issue the only entities with temp info are “Pool Heat” and “Spa Heat” but they seem to be a thermostat with the temp bundled with it. I imagine there is someway to extract the current temp value but I am stuck.

Create a template sensor with the following, if you don’t like yaml you can do this in the UI now in 2023.9 and newer.

{{state_attr('climate.pentair_XX_XX_XX_pool_heat', 'current_temperature') }}

Thanks I’ll give that a shot