People and Locations

Hi all,

I have people set up on a dashboard that shows them either home or away
I know I can enter a location manually and save it which will show on the dashboard also.

What I’d like to do is have it show where a person’s is without me having to have already stored that location.

Can HA take a location via coordinates from the phone entity and resolve it to a text location?

As in x longtidude and y latitude = local street name or town etc


There are a few reverse geocode sensor integrations available in HACS or on github:

Person Location

If you use the HA companion app, this information is already available as a sensor:


Both phones have the companion apps installed but when I look at the entities in the card don’t show a sensor.xxxxx.geocode…

Am I missing an integration?

Can you clarify this statement? What entities? What card?

If you can’t find the geocoded location sensors in either Configuration>Entities or Developer Tools>States, you may need to enable the sensors using the app menu Configuration>App Settings>Manage Sensors.

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I meant the card on the dashboard that shows my people’s location.

But you solved it anyway. I changed the app settings as you suggested and was able to find the geolocation for the phone entity in the list.

Thank you!

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