Per-user lovelace UI wanted!

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I want to have a way, to assign different views to diffferent users. My lovelace view contains the full functionality, I have set up,

But I need a much simpler version for the family members.

Per-user lovelace would be my #1 request.

Look at the custom-compact-header card. It does exactly that.

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And where does one find that? I need to get serious about switching to Lovelace, and this is something I’d ultimately like to do, too. But I looked at the Lovelace doc pages, and I couldn’t find any reference to this. I also looked in and couldn’t find it there either.

It’s not a core card…

It’s been nearly a year and as far as i find out custom-compact-header card is still the only solution. Or am i missing something? The Users button in 0.100 now is still only hiding the admin tools; but no custom cards per user. Any development planned for now?

Would be great to have that. I have different devices with different display resolutions. Would be great to have a separate Frontend for them without messing the original up.