Percentage of shutters not correct

whenever I command my roller shutters to open (from the closed state, “Position: 0”) to the fully open state, it will briefly show “Position: 100” but then revert to a number around 24 usually while still moving up. It will show “Position: 24” then. Once the shutter is fully open and stopped moving, I have to send the “open” command again to make it show “Position: 100”.

In the below picture, the top shutter (“Balkonfenster Groß”) was opened from the fully closed position with the “up arrow” once. Then it showed “Position 24”. Then I have to press the “up” again to make it show “Position 100”.
The shutter in the center (“Balkonfenster Klein”) shows “Position 22” after pressing “up” once.
The lower shutter (“Eckfenster zu Balkon”) is closed.


When going from fully open to fully closed with the “down” arrow, the position does change to “Position 0” and stays like this. No second click/command required.

Any ideas how to fix this?

Which integration are you using for your covers?

Z-Wave. The hardware modules (ESJ ZW 300) do know the runtimes for up and down, as it is a parameter you set on the module via Z-Wave parameter. Commanding the shutters to a specific position (Position: X) does work but it is not displayed correctly as well, showing you some different Position Y after initially displaying Position X for a brief moment when it starts moving.