Performance and access issues on Pi5


I have a HA running in a docker on my unraid server, but I want to run it on a dedicated hw, so I installed on a RPi5 running from an USB stick.
The installation went fine, but after the reboot i received the HA CLI cannot start logging into emergency console message. I get rid of it using the login command. Then configured the wifi, got IP (the IP is pingable within the network). The HA interface is not reachable, but the observer is (everything is green)
After 30-40 minutes (which is way too long for a Pi5), the interface is reachable, but after every reboot, I need to manually enter the login command.
Also, every update (like ha core) takes 20-50 mins, which is also highly long (comparing to unraid docker version).
So the questions are:

  • is it the long initial wait expected? (I don’t think so, maybe a few minutes, but we’re talking for half an hour or more). However it’s something i can live as (hopefully) no need to reinstall frequently.
  • Why can HA CLI not start? It’s constant. I tried using an SD Card instead of the USB stick, but that’s the same. (tbh 4 different types of brand-new sd cards and 2 different types of USB sticks were used for testing)
    Why do the updates take 20+ minutes (we’re not talking about a massive amount of data, especially since nothing is configured on the HA side; just install / login/update)? For example, the Home Assistant Supervisor Update from 2024.02.0 to 2024.02.1 (which is not a major update) took 23 minutes, and after the reboot, I had to manually start HA with the login command.
  • on an RPi5, what is the recommended option? USB stick (USB3) or SD card? (or SSD, but that should be overkill for now; however, I am not saying that I won’t try that)

Thanks for your guidance in advance

Yes I’ve had to wait two hours for a Pi4. Your 5 should be faster but this part should take a lot of time my last install on a processor similar to a pi5 took about 40 minutes to first boot.

But the rest of that. I was thinking you have something very wrong until I read usb stick.

You DEFINITELY need much better storage. Usb sticks won’t be nearly fast enough (they’re multiple times slower than even an SD card) and SD cards WILL eventually get chewed up by a transactional dB on the main storage.

at a MINIMUM you need an ultra fast wear resistant SD card but your much better off with an SSD. (no it’s not overkill ha is hell on disk) I run a half TB SSD in both my main and test rig. You probably don’t need near that space but.

Thanks, in this case i’ll give it a try using an SSD. thanks!

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