Performance Best Practice: Multiple MQTT Sensors off single payload?

With the upcoming 2022.12.0 change to MQTT sensor/entity definitions, I’m looking to migrate my current sensors. The question I have is, to define multiple sensors off a single JSON payload, which is more performant:

  1. Distinct sensors defined off the same message topic
  2. Single sensor with attributes from the payload + templates to define the individual sensors

In my case it is important to define individual sensors at some point to ensure history, display graphs and trigger templates.

The one caveat I see in noted in the DOCS which states

An automation that triggers on any state change of the sensor will also trigger both on the change of the state or a change of the attributes. Such automations will be triggered twice if both the state and the attributes change.

My assumption that this should drive option (1) as the best practice, but I’d like confirmation.