Performance of Light Groups whilst maintaining individual control via Google Assistant?

(Using Zigbee2MQTT, Sonoff Zigbee Dongle Plus, on a Proxmox server, with manual (not Nabu Casa) Google Assistant integration)

I’m using a manual integration with Google Assistant, I was wondering what’s the best way to include the lights as a group (for mass actions e.g. turning off all lights) whilst being able to control each light individually in Google Assistant? I can expose the group, or the lights individually, or both???

Right now I have the lights individually with the same name at the beginning and they’re set in a specific room e.g. Living Room Front Right, Living Room Back Right etc, but if I say “turn the lights on” in a room with 9 lights, it takes almost a minute to do them all. So I am thinking a group is better for that scenario. However, the group is recognised as a single light in GA so I can’t say stuff like “turn the back lights off”.

TL;DR: I want performance of group, but control of individual. Is it possible?

EDIT: I did try having both the Group and the individual lights added to the same room in Google Assistant. It seems to be working. But are there any downsides to this approach (e.g. collisions etc?)? Looks like Home Assistant is recognising what’s going on and handles it well but I am not fully sure as I am new to it.

its fine - both can be exposed. HA can handle it - don’t overthink it. :wink:

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Thanks, nice to see HA knows what to do :slight_smile: but it’d be great if there was some documentation on this (though I may have missed it).

Anyways, I’m happy with the way it’s set up now so thanks so much for your help, definitely much appreciated :slight_smile: