Performed restore on Raspi 4 (SD to SSD), historical data stopped recording the day after restore

I’m very new to HA, so please let me know if I am making newbie mistakes.

I recently had an HA crash (SD card failure), so setup the pi 4 to use SSD.
I completed the rebuild and data restore, however now my energy dashboard shows zeros for data.

If I look at the simple solar graphs I created, the ‘real time’ data is correct, but as you can see, the graph is flat.

I read in another forum post that I may need to delete the db, but not sure where/how to do that, or if that is the issue in my case. The data stream seems to have worked up until midnight last night, but the graphs for these haven’t updated today (system was restored yesterday afternoon, where it recorded data)

Any thoughts or ideas?

I found the database location (/mnt/data/homeassistant/), and removed it. That seems to have fixed the problem, but then I noticed that the time was incorrect. I manually updated the time, and ensured HA is set to the correct timezone. I then deleted the database a second time, and it seems okay.

Is there a cmdlet to help identify if NTP is working properly? Where I can pull current NTP status?