Permission denied to copy www/custom_ui files

I know this has to be an easy fix.

I’m using Filezilla SFTP to copy files to/from my Pi3. I installed the Hassbian image and got it up and running. Now trying to add the floor plan to it.

SFTP is logging in as Pi user, I assume the folder /srv/homeassistant/ is where the “www” folder goes and /srv/homeassistant/ must be owned by user homeassistant. so how do I get the files copied when the sftp is user Pi not homeassistant??

I use winSCP and in that you can set it to use sudo :slight_smile:

awesome, thanks. had to figure out the sudo part of it but I got it.

  1. locate sftp server $ whereis sftp-server
  2. paste this ( sudo -s /usr/lib/sftp-server ) in the sftp server fired or what ever you found in step one.

In WinSCP, you just go to advanced settings, Environment > SCP/Shell and set it to sudo su-