Permission denied to write over configuration.yaml

Hi everyone. Still new to this.

Im SSHing into my pi remotely using the weaved service (as specified on raspberry pi’s website) and im trying to edit my configuration.yaml file.

Ive been able to do all that i wanted so far today. Installed HA, apt-get update and upgrade. All the standard SSH abilities (what that ive learned so far).

But now im trying to edit my configuration.yaml to include some presence detection adn when i go to save it it says “Error writing /var/opt/homeassistant/configuration.yaml: Permission denied”

What could be the cause?

ha…i figured it out…just used sudo to open the file :smiley:

however now i cant find the config dir where the known_devices.yaml is supposed to be…

Try /root/.homeassistant

Hey @ChazBolt,

If you installed HA using the Raspberry Pi all-in-one installer then the path is /home/hass.

also, check here for more detailed paths.