Permission denied when executing Alternative Generic Linux Server Script

I’ve configured an Intel NUC with Ubuntu 16.04 and Docker CE to run I’ve verified that Docker CE is installed correctly by running the hello-world image. When the “sudo curl -sL | bash -s – -m intel-nuc” command is issued, error “mkdir: cannot create directory \u2018/usr/share/hassio\u2019: Permission denied” is generated.

When I created the “/user/share/hassio” directory before executing the script, error “bash: line 97: /etc/hassio.json: Permission denied” was generated.

Is there a problem with the script? Has anyone experienced this when using the script? Can anyone tell me what’s causing this?

You missed the bit where it says the script must be run as root
sudo su
Then try again

That did it and I spent hours troubleshooting. I’m almost ready to migrate from the Raspberry Pi to the Intel NUC.

Thanks, DavidFW1960

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