Permission to edit configuration.yaml

Hi, I just started working with HA so please excuse any noob questions…

I have setup HA on my Raspberry PI3 with the Hassbian.img and everything seems to be working fine. I can log in to HA via chrome, I can browse to folders an see the configuration.yaml.

But I do not have write permissions for the configuration.yaml. Neither through putty nor with nano.
Can somebody tell me how to change the permissions?

Also, when I enter “ls -l /home” I can see two users:
pi and homeassistant

Is this normal?

I am very excited to start configuring HA so thank you very much in advance for any ideas!


Hmm. Well I’m not running HA on a pi, but there’s a couple of options. You can become the homeassistant user (who is presumably the owner of the .yaml), you can sudo nano the .yaml, or you can change the permissions of the .yaml permanently. My guess is it’s best practice to become the homeassistant user and edit as that but someone on here may tell you different.

Thanks. I did a fresh install of the HASSBIAN and now I am able to change the config…
Don’t know what or if I did anything differently