Persistent audio stream to iPhone in background/locked

Hi all, I am trying to achieve the following scenario in Home Assistant - recreating functionality that exists in the Nanit baby monitor camera and app. I have two babies that sleep in different rooms. My setup:

  • HA running in a VM on a Dell Mini PC running Linux
  • Unifi UDM Pro, a Unifi G4 camera in each baby’s room above the crib

Specific functionality I am trying to accomplish:

  • Notifications on mobile for motion and sound (already achieved using elements of the Smart Baby monitor using ffmpeg_noise sensor for sound and Unifi motion sensors for motion)
  • Dual video stream on one screen on mobile (achieved in both HA and Protect)
  • Notifications that provide link to said dashboard views (easy enough)
  • Persistent audio stream from both cameras on mobile while mobile device is locked or app is in the background. THIS is the one I can’t figure out.

I’ve explored the various ways (icecast, rstptoweb, vlc) and can’t figure out if there is a way to keep the audio on in the background for both cameras. I don’t want clips of the recorded sound, I want the “always on” stream. I figured this would be an easier solution but I am stuck. Can someone point me in the right direction? Is this possible?