Persistent notifications don't show on watch, removing persistent shows notifications

Hi All,

I wonder if someone can explain this behaviour. I’ve recently changed all my notifications to persistent and sticky. The idea is that when a door is opened, the notification will stay persistent and sticky until the door is closed at which point I clear the notification. This worked fine until I noticed that I am no longer receiving the notificaitons on my watch as before. It’s a Galaxy watch 4 and HA notifications are enabled in the Watch app. I did some troubleshoting and if I remove the persistent tag, I get the notifications on my watch but then I can switch the notification away on my phone which is what I want to avoid ideally.

Is this an HA, Android, Samsung thing? And is there a way around it?

Many thanks!

the wear OS app does not have support for notifications, what you are seeing is actual Wear OS App form Google is sending notification data to the watch which is out of control for the HA android app. I do not know if there is a way around it other than maybe reading into device settings?

Hey Daniel,
Thank you for your reply. I did find a workaround… I couldn’t sleep last night thining about this :smiley:
It’s a dirty workaround and this will double some norifications but since I don’t that that many a day I don’t think I will hit the limit.

The workaround is essentially sending 2 notifications, same channel, same tag, same message, etc. but one of the notifications has the persistent option removed. But the persistent notification needs a delay of 1 second to ensure that the non-persistent notification goes out first, it is displayed on the watch and then it is replaced by the persistent one. This is what it looks like in node-red. As long as the non-persistent notification arrives first (which is displayed on the watch), this seems works. I have set this up on my door sensor now and will see how it goes. But from the tests I did this morning it looks good.