Persistent XMPP connection

Make XMPP notification component use a persistent connection instead of opening and closing XMPP connection on each notification.

I would suggest a pull request if you can :wink:
All kidding aside, what would this add?

I currently have a system setup that has a persistent XMPP connection. Every time a door/window opens/closes in my house, I get an XMPP message on my phone. I tried HA, and having to initiate an XMPP connection every time is delaying the message. Opening and closing a door quickly several times also seems to cause issues for XMPP component (but that’s not a discussion for here). Besides, XMPP is meant to work with long-lived connections (e.g., chat).

I have some of this written in python, and I may end up writing it as a notification plugin or something. or even a simple api you pass it stuff to… it will be a while. I am stupid busy, plus someone may have already done something similar…

Please chime in if you have. Plus my xmpp is very open to connect to pretty much anything. I use slack and hangouts with it currently in testing.

That is very interesting.
I was actually looking for using XMPP to send hangouts messages to people (group chat would be ideal), even better if could issue commands back

I have the code, I have not truly integrated it just yet, I am rewriting it with a more generic xmpp lib, currently its designed for hangouts, but should work for any xmpp connection. I am currently working to get it going on slack. Once I can do that, I will get it fully integrated.


Do u still work with xmpp? Would like having httpupload for notifier and maybe xmpp to tts bot but I’m not a programmer