Person Component behavior

Hi, I’ve started trialling the new Person component and am having an issue. First my setup:
I have myself set up as a person with a google maps tracker (gps) & a BTLe sensor that is at the front of my house. The Btle mainly functions as an early detection for when I arrive home. When I’m home i will come in and out of range of this sensor as I move around the house.
However as I do my ‘person’ status in HASS changes to AWAY even though the gps tracker still has me at home.
I understand this is by design and that stationary trackers take priority but I would have expected this to be quite a common scenario with btle device trackers, a constant dipping in & out of range.
Is the solution to use groups, where if one tracker is at home the whole group status is reported as home, and abandon the new Person component completely?

I’d say the potential solution is a bayesian sensor to tell your HA the probability of you being home or not:

There’s also an example just posted for exactly this:

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Still waiting to see where the new person component goes. But in the meantime, you might like to try my custom Composite Tracker. In your scenario it will only use to home state changes of the BTle tracker.