Person component / "double loading" needed but results in warning

Hello everybody!

Since the update from 0.93.x to 0.94.0 (yesterday), I’m experiencing a strange behaviour with the person component.

My setup is based on Frencks ideas (one-file-one-task), so I have the following file config/components/packages/person.yaml with only person: in it. On the other hand I’ve the person component from the UI.

So far, so good, before the update everything was fine, persons showed up, all good.

Since the update, the component person isn’t showing anymore. Not in the UI, and not in the list of states… Funny enough, I can still see it (and changes to it) in the History panel.

What I did then, was copying the person data from config/.storage/person in seperate files config/components/persons/paddy.yaml and persons did start working again, but it gives me a warning after each start:

Skipping adding person from storage with same ID as configuration.yaml entry

If I take the files out, nothing is showing anymore, if I put them back, I get the warning?

I’m very new to HA, so please bare with me, if I’m doing something stupid here.
Thanks for any advise on how to solve this!

Any ideas? :slight_smile:

It’s a bug. Came across this myself yesterday too.