Person doesn't update after changing device

Had person A and B set up with Android phones. Person A stopped using a phone, reset it, and passed to person B. In the people the tracker devices have been updated, the phone renamed to Bs phone.

Stats such as charging state and battery level are working fine. However the location is always showing as unknown. What is missing? Ha on the phone is already set to always have location access.

Which way do you use for detection of presens?
Device tracker is less reliable then zone in my experience.

What do you mean when you install Home assistant on mobile then the phone shows up as a device. and then I assign it to a person.

Select the devices that belong to this person.

Can you add the device_id manually?

The card I use on my dashboard is just so I’m not sure what it uses, but the other people are showing the location. Just this person after changing the device assigned it no longer seems to work.

Ok deleted the app on the phone and tried again. Now it’s back.
It must be some incorrect sett:g that Cannot be fixed in the app.