Person entity not showing as home or not_home

Version	core-2022.4.0
Installation Type	Home Assistant OS
Development	false
Supervisor	true
Docker	true
User	root
Virtual Environment	false
Python Version	3.9.9
Operating System Family	Linux
Operating System Version	5.10.108
CPU Architecture	aarch64

I have an entity card configured with two people. For one of them it shows as Home, the other shows as unknown. I’ve got the following to change a user’s status to either home or not_home depending on if they’re connected to the wifi network:

  - platform: template
        value_template: >-
          {% if (states('sensor.pixel_6_pro_wifi_connection') == "omgwtf5") or ((states('sensor.pixel_6_pro_wifi_connection') == "omgwtf")) %}
          {% else %}
          {% endif %}
        value_template: >-
          {% if (states('sensor.sara_s_pixel_wifi_connection') == "omgwtf5") or ((states('sensor.sara_s_pixel_wifi_connection') == "omgwtf")) %}
          {% else %}
          {% endif %} 

We both use the home assistant companion app for android, and I’ve enabled both the Wifi Connection and Background location sensors. What am I missing?

Not sure if you are actually talking about the person-entity, if you do: you can not associate a regular sensor to a person, only device_trackers.

Otherwise: check you entity-name and template in dev-tools.

Here is what is on the entity card

type: entities
  - entity: person.dmoore731
  - entity: person.sara
title: Homies
show_header_toggle: true

Then for each person entity what is being tracked is the sensors listed earlier. Is it possible that because her device has an ’ that things aren’t working? Since it’s changing “Sara’s” to sara_s.

Persons only watch device trackers and persons will only reflect a device tracker state based on the following guidelines at the top of the following link.

Your 2 sensors are sensors, not device trackers. The 2 sensors you listed above are not attached to your person either. So, there’s no way that the person will reflect the state of the sensors.

Okay, I see where I got confused. For her person it says what’s being tracked is device_tracker.sara_s_pixel. I’ll double-check her app to make sure the gps is enabled.


Yeah, I had forgotten to enable the geolocation in the app