Person entity not showing state history

I’ve transferred all my trackers into person type entities, but now when i view the person entity in my frontend i get a “No state history found.” message.
The current person state works fine both in the frontend and scripts, and the tracker entities the persons are based on still show correct state history

are you recording history for the person?

Oh, I need to include “person” as a new domain in the recorder and history components?
I just assumed that since it can only use the device tracker entities and is derivative, it doesn’t need to be recorded as additional data. After all you can retroactively calculate it based on its trackers.

Unfortunately the system is not that smart. History only looks at the history for the current entity_id, it does not try to ‘see what it was built from’.

It’s smart enough, but I think the documentation on person might need to be expanded a bit.

Thanks for the help.
I’ll update those 2 as soon as I can restart my system.