Person Grouping: i still dont understand YAML sigh lol

hi im trying to create a person group in yaml. so i can create some automations for myself and my wife. below is my code in my Config file. I get this error which is saying platform is an invalid option fo person

Invalid config for [person]: [platform] is an invalid option for [person]. Check: person->person->0->platform. (See /config/configuration.yaml, line 270).

  - platform: group
    name: Brad & Lauren
    icon: mdi-account-group
      - person.lauren
      - person.brad

The person integration does not have a group platform. You have to use the group integration.

group: # or put the below in groups.yaml
    name: "Brad & Lauren"
      - person.lauren
      - person.brad

Thanks, i tried to follow the HA help guide but just couldnt get it to work.

Im really struggling to understand how to use yaml, i have searched for videos, guides etc, but i dont even understand thw basics like when to indent, etc :frowning:

Here are some resources to help:

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Thank you!

Just on this, i was hoping i could use this new Group in my automations, but i dont see it as an option under Zones Trigger??